Reason for Reading: 9 Sentences That Could Ruin Your Career

Don't be a bigmouth - NARA - 535386

Don’t be a bigmouth – NARA – 535386 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I read the title and smiled. It instantly made me think of certain faux pas that  I encounter during my working day.

Tobak gives concrete examples of scenarios that we should avoid. Most of them are related to our urge to speak way too much for our own good. Many of them are connected to trust issues.  It made me think of an expression that Sam,a wise old jewish friend, used to use. You can trust him as far as you can throw him…and that ain’t far! 

Here’s the link to the original article by Steve Tobak for :

9 Sentences That Could Ruin Your Career

Vocabulary Boost: Read through the expressions quickly and then read
the article.

  • Shoot yourself in the foot: to do something that causes trouble for  yourself
  • A big fat mouth: said of someone who talks too much
  • You name it!: anything
  • Let alone: much less, not to mention
  • To turn up: to happen unexpectedly
  • Under wraps: hidden, unofficial
  • Granted: I admit it may be true
  • To cross boundaries: to go over the limit
  • Amorphous:not defined
  • To end up: to finish in a place you don’t want to be
  • To pound the pavement: to walk around looking for a job
  • A jerk: someone not well liked due to unkind behavior
  • A slam: an insult
  • Better yet: even better
  • To badmouth: to criticize
  • Plastered: advertised

Conversation Builder:

Do the examples ring a bell? Do you think they could actually ruin someone’s career? Which is your favorite?



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