What’s Your Take On Ashton Kutcher Becoming A Fruitarian?


Listen to the podcast:

Ashton Kutcher, 34, is an American actor. He is most famous for his relationship with Demi Moore that lasted several years & also for the hidden camerapractical joke TV series Punk’d. He recently portrayed Steve Jobs in a biopic that will be released in April of this year. To prepare for the role, he became a fruitarian like Steve Jobs & ended up in the hospital two days before they started shooting the movie. Apparently, his pancreatic levels were completely “out of whack”!

I can’t believe he took the method acting approach that far. I also never thought that a fruit-only diet could give such violent reactions.

Here are 3 questions for you: What do you know about Ashton Kutcher? Would you ever consider becoming a fruitarian? Are you looking forward to watching this biopic?

Vocabulary Boost: Listen again and try to find the following expressions

  • lasted: continued to exist
  • hidden camera: video camera is in a place it can not be seen
  • practical joke: a trick played on someone
  • portrayed: to play a character in a film
  • biopic: a movie related to a biography
  • fruitarian: fruit-only diet
  • ended up: finished
  • shooting: filming
  • out of whack: not working properly
  • method acting: when an actor tries to live exactly like the character he is portraying

Read the original article and watch the video clip by clicking on the link below:

All fruit diet lands Ashton Kutcher in  the hospital

Fluency Builder:

Summarize the story for your teacher and give your opinion on this matter in class.

Share your comments on Ashton Kutcher with us too…please!


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