Reason 4 Reading: Does Your Boss Smile?

Sander Laughs

Mike Roger’s post this week speaks about how a boss should genuinely care about others in the team. As a boss , you can do a good deed, really pay attention to what people say  or  simply say thank you more often.  Having that likeability factor not only makes working together more pleasant but it also increases productivity and motivation in your team. Show those pearly whites…& reap instant benefits!

Click here to read the article but study the expressions below first

Vocabulary Boost:

  • pearly whites – teeth
  • reap benefits – collect a positive result
  • They get it! – They understand!
  • a deed – an action
  • to help sb shine – to  place someone in a good light
  • approachable – easy to talk to
  • to point out – to direct attention towards
  • humble – not thinking you are better than others

Conversation Builder:

Can you describe your best boss ever? what about your worst? List 5 attributes a good boss should have .

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