Ask Task: A Vegetarian Speaks

ask taskWe asked Inés Reynoso (Mexican American) about living a vegetarian lifestyle. She tells us the difference between being vegan and vegetarian. She shares her opinions as to why we shouldn’t eat meat & she lists ingredients that can substitute meat in our diet.

Play the interview and try to listen for the following expressions:

  • Flesh – soft parts of an animal that you eat
  • The way I see it – my views are
  • Ideally  –  in a perfect world
  • If you wonder – if you ask yourself
  • To shut it out – to block it from your mind
  • Free- range eggs – eggs that are laid by chickens that are free to move around and not trapped in a cage
  • To forgo – to give up the use of something

English: Vegetarian food

Listening Quiz:

1. What do vegans avoid eating?

2. Who should we be trusting about what to eat?

3. Can we actually find all the nutrients we need from non-animal products?

View the transcript to check your answers by clicking here  A Vegetarian Speaks

Fluency Practice: summarize what you’ve heard for your teacher or classmates. Are you a vegetarian? Tell your story.

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