English Phraseology: Introducing a Negative Consideration

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Most of us know how to express a negative opinion, right?  We use sentences like: ‘I don’t agree with that..’, ‘I don’t like that shirt’, ‘I have seen better’, etc.

What I’d like to explore today though is the way we should introduce the unpleasant thought. How do we get the listener ready for the blow? The following sentences are used to express something that will most probably bother or offend another person. We use these expressions as a warning signal that something negative will be said.

  • Well actually, you have been performing quite badly.
  • Truth be told, they raised more money than you at the bake sale.
  • Frankly, your house is a mess.
  • To tell the truth, I don’t like working here anymore.
  • To be honest, you could lose a little weight.
  • The thing is I can’t trust him anymore.

Read It: It’s your turn. Read the sentences out loud. Have you ever tried recording your voice & playing it back. It’s great practice. Articulate to communicate!

Speak It: Discuss what you’ve read with your teacher or classmates. Create role-plays using the expressions above. Here are a few scenarios that could inspire you:

  1. Your best friend just bought a floral printed dress that makes her look like a prude. She wants your opinion on the purchase.
  2. Your brother invites you to this new restaurant he’s just discovered. He is planning on taking his new girlfriend there at the weekend. The place looks like a canteen. You have to change his mind.

Share this post with a friend & suggest creating a few role-plays together. Practice speaking English today!

Share this post with your circle of friends…it’s a fun way to learn a little English.



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