Ask Task: An Equestrian In The Family

ask task

We asked Martine to talk to us about horses & riding. She recently bought a horse. She explained what criteria she followed when purchasing it. She also told us about the pros & cons of having a child that rides.

Play the interview and try to listen for the following expressions:

  • Height: the measurement of how tall a person or thing is
  • Outgrown: grown too large for
  • Show Jumping: the sport of riding a horse over a set of fences
  • First and Foremost: at the most basic level
  • Moving on: to proceed in a specific way
  • Pros & Cons: an argument for or against something
  • Stables: a building in which horses are kept
  • Obviously: in a way that is easy to understand, see or recognize
  • Fees : amounts of money that must be paid
  • Bit better: a little improvement
Hits Horse Jumping

Hits Horse Jumping (Photo credit: prichman38)

Listening Quiz:

  • Why did she buy the horse?
  • What is the maximum they could jump with this horse?
  • Can you list 3 expenses that she faces on a monthly basis for the sport?

View the transcript to check your answers: An Equestrian in the Family

Read It:  It’s your turn. Read the text out loud. Have you ever tried recording your voice & playing it back? It’s great practice. Articulate to communicate!

Speak it: Summarize what you’ve ready to someone who wants to listen. Try using some of the expressions from the interview. Do you know any one who rides horses as a hobby or profession? What do you think of Show Jumping as a sport?

Share this most with your circle of friends…it’s a fun way to learn a little English.



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