Business Class: It’s Not My Cup Of Tea!



You must be asking yourself: ” What does tea have to do with business?”.

Well, the answer is …skillful diplomacy!

I was having a conversation about meditation with a learner today (LEM POST) & he was faced with a dilemma. He had to tell me that he didn’t believe in Meditation, Yoga and the likes of. He also had to do it with diplomacy so I taught him this expression.

“Yoga isn’t really my cup of tea”


” Meditation? Well, it isn’t exactly my cup of tea”

What does it mean?

If it’s not your cup of tea, it means you don’t like it or you don’t like doing it or you don’t believe in it.

It will save you from sounding rude & judgmental when expressing a dislike.

Let me know if you like this post!





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