Reason 4 Reading: Top Ten Date Ideas for V Day




Did you organize your Valentine’s day soirée? If not, don’t sweat it! LEM found the perfect article to help you out (…and then don’t say we only post stuff about learning English:-) I read this article by Shawn Croft who is an ASK MEN contributor and it made me grin quite a few times. You can read the whole article when you have a chance just to get your reading practice in but here are my top 5 favorite ideas & remember that V Day is just one day in the year. You can try all of these out over the course of 2013! Happy Lovin’!

  1. Partake in a physical activity (…and don’t think dirty!)
  2. Dress Up!
  3. Reenact your first date
  4. Make a path of rose petals
  5. Pop the question

    Valentine's Day

    Valentine’s Day (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Click here for the original article: Top Ten: Things To Do On Valentine’s Day

Vocabulary boost:

  • Soirée : French for evening
  • Don’t sweat it! : Don’t worry about it
  • To help out : to support you
  • Grin : smile
  • To try out : to experiment
  • Partake : to do something together
  • Pop the question: make a marriage proposal

Write it: We are proposing a writing task this time around. Let us know what you did on V Day by posting a short comment. We are curious cats!




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