What’s your take on parents choosing their shifts?


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What’s your take on parents choosing their shifts?

I read an article in the Huffington Post that spoke about a Canadian court ruling related to shift work. It stated that parents should have first dibs on shifts if their family situation truly needed it. When I read this article, it instantly made me think of an Australian friend of mine who told me all about the support she got from her government when she had her twins. I remember thinking what a wonderful support network for moms! This one comes in a close second. I am a mom and a worker. I ‘ve had to make sacrifices for my family by place my career on the back burner. I did, however, make that choice. It was not forced upon me. Can you just imagine what single parents could feel like if they had to work the night shift & had no one to take care of their kids over night? Overwhelming to say the least!  If managed in the proper way, this could be an amazing step forward for many.  That’s my take. What’s yours?

This is Crissy Faita for Learning English Matters.

Vocabulary Boost:

  • A ruling : an official decision made by a judge
  • Shift work : work that involves a scheduled period of time often on rotation
  • First dibs : first to a choice on something
  • Twins : babies that are born at the same time from the same mother
  • To come in a close second :  to almost be chosen first in a rating, competition or race
  • On the back burner : in a position that will not receive immediate attention & action
  • Take care of : to do what is necessary to help, protect and care for something
  • Overwhelming : describes something so difficult that you feel unable to do it
  • To say the least : to not mention what you could about something (used to emphasize)
  • That’s my take : that’s my opinion/view

Read  it: Here is the link to the original article by Rebecca Cuneo Keenan on  the Huffington Post: Do working parents deserve first dibs on shifts?  (Advanced Level=C1)

Speak It: Discuss what you’ve heard with your teacher or classmates. You can even simply share this post with a friend & suggest discussing the topic together by using the new vocabulary & questions. Practice speaking English today!

  1. Does the country you live in have this kind of law?
  2. Do you think this will discriminate against non-parents?

Share this ‘What’s your Take’ with your circle of friends…it’s a fun way to learn a little English. LEM..xo



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