Business Class: Telephone Talk…Bad Reception


We use the phone every day at work. It’s one of the top tools at the office. It’s our lifeline to the outside world and telephone etiquette is vital to maintain your professional image.

Today, I wanted to look at phrases we use when the line is bad. That happens quite often, right? Wireless and VOIP connections are great but they also have their drawbacks such as bad reception!

What can you say if you can’t hear the caller?

Here are a few examples. Pick your favorite and start using it so it becomes part of your ‘repertoire’:

  1. Sorry, I can’t hear you very well. Can you speak up a bit?
  2. You’re breaking up. Let me call you back.
  3. The reception is really bad in here. Give me a second. I’ll go outside.
  4. I’m afraid I didn’t catch that. Did you say thirteen or thirty?

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