Business Class: Hindrance



As I was watching ‘Lincoln’ , I heard the word ‘hindrance’. Do you know what this word means?

It is an important word that is considered difficulty even for native speakers.

A hindrance is a person or thing that makes a situation difficult.

  • He is more of a hindrance to our organization than a facilitator. He needs to get with the program.

The act of making it difficult for someone to act or for something to be done is actually pretty common at work.  Here are a few another examples:

  • She’s got a strong character. At what point does this become a hindrance?
  • Is my presence here a help or a hindrance? Tell me the truth.

Use this word during the week either in a meeting or in an email. Write a sentence with this word in it &  jot it down on a ‘post it’. Repeat it every chance you get.  I especially like sticking a note on my dashboard in the car. I repeat it going to and from work.

Using new vocabulary in context repeatedly will help you save it in your long term memory & that’s the end goal, right?




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