Reason For Reading: Words To Leave Off Your Resumé


I love lists like these especially when they contain flagrant faux pas on resumés that we see all too often. You may not agree with all of the items but they can sure strike up some lively conversation among co-workers. Take a moment to read this short article from Mashable called Words To Leave Off Your Resumé  and tweak your resumé to make it the best to could be. Don’t forget to read the vocabulary section first.Oh!…my personal favorite is the one on not mentioning your high school!

Vocabulary Boost:

  • to doom your chances: to ruin your possibilities
  • to hit your quota: to reach your target
  • you’re not dong yourself a favor: you are not helping yourself
  • a skill set : a group of capabilities
  • a job seeker: someone who is looking for a job
  • learner and cleaner: concise
  • to toss the resumé aside: to not consider you by not selecting your cv
  • to harm: to hurt
  • a career obituary: a list of tasks related to old work positions
  • a significant other: your partner in life
  • to gloss over: to read without interest because it has been seen before

Fluency Builder: Share these questions with your teacher and friends & Speak a little English today!

  1. Do you agree with the items in the article?
  2. How does your resumé measure up?
  3. How long should a CV be in your opinion? Is yours that length?
  4. Have you got an English version to your Resumé?


p.s. If you need to have your English CV proof-read, edited or translated, we can do that for you. Send us your request by emailing us for a quote.


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