Are You Gullible?


In a class today, We were talking about people who are easily deceived or fooled . My learner was explaining that he was the total opposite. He had trouble trusting people after so many years in the public sector.

I taught him the following expressions.

  • My brother is very gullible. (i.e. naive, easily fooled. The etymology stems from the word ‘gull’ that meant newly hatched bird in middle English.)
  • She is easy duped. (i.e. easily cheated or fooled)
  • The new hire is so green. (i.e. with little experience)
  • I have become wary of others.(i.e. suspicious, doubtful)

Fluency Builder:

  1. Does being wary come with age?
  2. Do you know people who are naive or is gullibility children’s territory?
  3. Does a gullibility breed more or less innovation in your opinion?


p.s. I wish I were a little gullible. it would probably mean I could still look at the world with a child-like view.

three phases in timed shutter release



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