Ask Task: I Discovered Istanbul

ask task

We asked Crisitna(Italian accent) to tell us about her recent family vacation to Istanbul. She listed her top sites. She remarked about the location of her hotel & she shared her kids’ reaction to this fabulous city.

Play the interview and try to listen for the following expressions:

  • Synthesis : mixture
  • Muezzin: sounds of prayer in mosque
  • Mosque: place of worship for the muslim religion
  • Prayer time: time for religious invocation
  • Veil: fabric covering for the face
  • Public Transportation: system of transportation for a community i.e. bus, metro, tram, etc…
  • To be impressed by: to be captivated by


The Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istambul at dusk

The Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istambul at dusk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Listening Quiz:

  1. Has Cristina visited Istanbul before this vacation?
  2. What were the advantages of staying at the Recital Hotel?
  3. How old are Cristina’s kids?

View the transcript:Ask Task- I Discovered Istanbul

Fluency Practice: summarize what you’ve heard to your teacher or classmates

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