English Phraseology: May the best man win!

learn english1


I must confess that most of my inspiration for phraseology and figurative speech in this period comes from the book I am listening to at the moment. ‘Open’ by André Agassi is full of wonderful colorful vocabulary, useful collocations & urban phraseology. Its something that EFL textbooks  lack in my view.

So, all of this to say that André used the expression,”May the best man win” &  I liked it.

We are often faced with challenges between people & this is the perfect expression to use to make the situation less stressful. You can play  with this expression a little . I remember playing taboo with another couple and my partner said “May the best couple win” with a witty smile.

Here are a few other examples in context:

  • May the best team win!” said the soccer coach before the match.
  • Gianna wished her female competitor luck: ” May the best woman win!”
  • Sergio shook the other team leaders hand and said: ” May the best idea win!





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