Business Class: Keep It Under Wraps



When you keep something under wraps, you conceal it until a future date. Where does this expression come from? If I wrap something, I cover it to protect it.  When I keep something under wraps, I hide it for a while. The reasons why could be varied.

Here are a few examples in context:

  • The production company kept the movie under wraps until its’ release. They wanted to build hype around it.
  • Can you keep his resignation under wraps for this week. It will be official next Monday.
  • The president has decided to keep his illness under wraps. He doesn’t want it to affect the election results.

Fluency Builder:

  1. Have you ever had to keep something under wraps?
  2. When your company tries to keep things under wraps, do you ever hear it through the grape vine anyway?




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