Business Class: No Dice!


‘No Dice‘ is used to refuse a request or clarify that something is not possible.

Jim: “Can I borrow your car? I have to pick up my kids from school.”

Martine: ” Sorry, No dice! My car is in the shop. It’s getting repaired”

I did a little research to see if my hunch (i.e. intuition) about the etymology was right and the outcome confirms that it is related to gambling. In some US States in the early 1900’s, Gambling was illegal and gamblers would hide their dice and deny having them when asked to show them as evidence thus the expression ‘No Dice!’

Supervisor: ” Come on in Kate. What can I do for you?”

Kate: ” Well, I was wondering if we could discuss my raise.”

Supervisor: “No dice…I’m afraid. The economic downturn has frozen everything.”

English: Four coloured 6 sided dice arranged i...

Team up with a friend or a classmate. Try to answer the following questions by researching them. If you post your answers, I’d be very pleased:

  1. Can I replace ‘No Dice’ by ‘Nothing Doing’?
  2. What’s the difference between borrow & lend?
  3. when your car is in the shop, where is it exactly?
  4. What exactly is a raise?


p.s. This post is brought to you by my last listen…OPEN by André Agassi! I’m an avid Audible user.




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