Business Class: Come on…Spill The Beans!



When someone spills the beans, they tell a secret to others. We use it when we want someone to tell us a secret but it can also be used when we are speaking about a someone who had a big mouth and told a secret. Remember that when you spill something, you let it out by accident. There is no official explanation for the beans as of yet. They often hypothesis that it stems from the bean count for secret elections in Ancient Greece but this has not been proven. If the imagery helps you remember, more power to you!

English: "Painted Pony" dry bean (Ph...

English: “Painted Pony” dry bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here are a few examples in context:

  1. Are they organizing a party for my birthday? Come on…spill the beans?
  2. Mrs Rose was questioned by the investigator about her relationship with the politician. She spilled the beans and said she had been dating him for 2 years.
  3. You can ask Jerry about the layoff  but he is very reserved. He would never spill the beans.



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