What’s your take on the meaning of life?


Can this kid be real? He is 9 years old. He philosophizes on the meaning of life, the universe & our destiny like a big person. Zia Hassan, a multimedia artist, interviewed this little boy to get his take on the meaning of life. I could not have answered half of the questions because my consequential approach to life would have stopped me from answering spontaneously. Great post by Stombo & his team.

Galaxies are so large that stars can be consid...

Galaxies are so large that stars can be considered particles next to them (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fluency Builder:Language is quite simple so here are the questions that you could try to answer with your friends or a teacher.

  • Describe yourself in relation to the universe?
  • Are there life forms on other planets?
  • Are there multiple universes?
  • What is the meaning of our lives?
  • Are the events in life pre-destined?
  • What kind of space do sports and music have in your life?



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