English Phraseology: Is it time for your wardrobe switch yet?

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The weather is getting warmer here in Italy and most of us were out & about this weekend.

I spent Sunday at home working on the spring cleaning and the first part of the seasonal wardrobe switch. Do you switch your wardrobe in winter and summer or are you one of the lucky ones with a closet that can hold all four seasons?

As I was putting away my boys’ winter clothes, I started making a list of the actions I perform when I switch from winter to summer clothing.

I thought it might be cool to share the expressions with you.

Here is the list:

  • I sort the clothes out by making two piles (i.e.a group of items placed one on top of the other). One is stuff  that I can put away for 6 months and the other has clothes that I want to give away to Goodwill (i.e. donate to charity like Caritas).
  • I vacuum my closet or wardrobe & wipe the drawers and shelves with a damp rag.(i.e. humid cloth for cleaning).
  • I place clothing that needs to be mended (i.e. fixed) in a bag and I take it to the seamstress (i.e. person that mends clothing) the following day.
  • I place clothing that can’t be machine washed in a bag and I take it to the dry-cleaner’s (i.e. service that cleans clothing without water)
  • I wash any garment (i.e. piece of clothing) that is machine washable before storing (i.e. put away) it away for the winter.
  • When clothing is ready to be put away in my trunk (i.e. wooden or metal storage container with a lock), I use cedar blocks or lavender scented bags to make sure moths (i.e. pests that eat cloth) stay away.
  • I polish (i.e.clean leather with a paste) my shoes and boots before placing them in tissue or paper bags unless I have their original box. Once again, if they need mending, I take them to my local shoemaker (i.e. a person that fixes shoes).

Wardrobe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fluency Builder: Discuss the following questions with your teacher or chat buddy.

  1. When do you usually do your seasonal wardrobe switch?
  2. How long does it take to do it?
  3. Does it put you in a good or bad mood?
  4. Do you have trouble giving things away? Are you someone who keeps everything?
  5. Is there anything in your wardrobe that you just can’t give away?
  6. How do you organize your wardrobe? Do you color-code?
  7. Do you feel you have too many items of clothing?
  8. How many pairs of shoes do you own?



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