Top Language: All’s Well That Ends Well

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The expression ‘All’s Well That Ends Well’ is the title of a play written by William Shakespeare.

It’s also a proverb. It means that even though things go wrong along the way,  everything is justified as long as it turns out well in the end.

Here is an example.

You leave your home at 08h45 to go to work. You realize your car doesn’t start. You call your local garage and the mechanic tells you he can’t come and get the car until noon. You need to get to work for a very important meeting at 10h00. Your son’s nursery school calls and  tells you that your 3 year old vomited 10 minutes after your husband  dropped him off. You hang up and start feeling under pressure. Your neighbours, an elderly couple, are passing by you on their way to the park for a morning walk. You tell them about your bad luck & they offer to take you to work and pick up little Gianni from the nursery. You thank them and accept the offer. It will all work out…All’s well that ends well!

Sketch of William Shakespeare.

Sketch of William Shakespeare. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Italian…Tutto è bene quello che finisce bene. 

Do you know the translation in your native language? Share it with us.

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