Top Language: He Is Such A Freeloader!

Top Language

A person who usually imposes on others for free food, a place to sleep or a service is called a freeloader.

I heard the word while watching the movie BridesMaids this afternoon.

The main character Anine was in the park. She was following a group work-out session without paying for it. The trainer noticed and shouted  “You are a freeloader! Why don’t you just pay for the class like everyone else. it only costs $12.00.”

I am thinking that the etymology stems from transport services. A load can be goods or people on a ship or train. When one does not pay for the transport service, then it’s free thus the expression ‘freeloader’. Whether this is really where it comes from or not, it will certainly help you remember what it means, right?

Here are a few expressions:

  • When I worked at the bar, there were so many freeloaders at Happy Hour. People came in, ate but never bought  a drink.
  • My first cousin calls only when he is coming to town because he needs a place to stay. Freeloading rascal!
  • I discovered that Jane teaches a conversation class at the café across the street. I go in for a coffee to listen to the lesson. I hope she doesn’t think I am a freeloader.

Fluency Boost:

  1. What other activities would constitute freeloading?
  2. If you realized that someone has gotten on a bus without paying, what would you do?








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