From the heart…



This is not an English tip, reading or vocabulary expansion activity.

It’s just Crissy (that’s me!) sharing something that has become important to her.

I have always followed English training on a corporate level. Business English, SOS courses for employees and presentation coaching  is what I do all day.

Recently, I started working with young adults and they have started to fascinate me. I love to see that I am from a totally different time even though our age difference is not that great. This motivates me to keep an open mind.

I can feel their frustration related to wanting to think outside the box yet being educated to stay in it. I perceive the wonderful drive and ambition they might have that is suppressed by the notions that everyone deserves a job & the government should guarantee that.

When I choose my articles for this blog, it is always geared towards inspiring and confirming that these young minds are instinctively right. They know what generation they live in unlike some people who are still stuck in the past.

Think outside the box! Adopt an ‘Above and Beyond’ attitude because this is the driver to success. Understand who you are and invest on your strength to develop that potential, Be kind to others as this will pay you back 10 fold…and remember that nothing is easy.

Success stories are not fairy tales…they are simply people who have understood the statements above & have put them to good use.

Believe in yourself…and it will all work out!




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