Reason for Reading: Millennials Are Different


About 1 year ago, I read a book called ‘The Trophy Kids Grow Up‘ by Ron Alsop. It was so insightful for a Gen-Xer like myself. It describes the Millennial Generation which has a totally different set of values and expectations when speaking about life and work.

I read an article today related to this same topic. Click here to read all about them. They are definitely far from being anything like my parents who grew up during the Industrial Revolution and pretty different from my generation that sort of surfed the baby boomer wave for all it was worth.

Companies, employers, supervisors, university professors and anyone who is in contact with these young minds need to explore who they have before them because they are very different.

I am personally psyched to learn from them, their mental processes and new approach to life and work.


Vocabulary Boost:

  • so-called: commonly named
  • entrepreneur: a persone who starts a business independently
  • otherwise: differently
  • to punch in: to enter
  • peel away: uncover
  • shoot for : aim at

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