Video Watch: Keep It Up!





Here is a short video from the movie ‘Spiderman’. It shows a bunch of moments in Peter Parker’s life that are not all good. His University Professor walks past  him after class one day and says: “Good job ,Mr Parker. Keep it up!”


The song in the background is  “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head” sung by BJ Thomas. It speaks about having a run of bad luck but still keeping a positive attitude.


This is an encouraging expression we can use with our direct reports, kids or anyone you care to pay a compliment to related to a positive action they’ve performed. If someone has done a good job, you can say ” Keep it up!” (i.e. continue doing that).




Spider-Man #1, later renamed "Peter Parke...

p.s. Thx Myriam for sharing the clip…it was the inspiration for this post



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