Reason for Reading: Disney’s Cash Cow?





I came across this article that spoke about ESPN having some trouble these days.


Trouble Ahead for Disney’s Cash Cow? (full article)


“ESPN has been a cash cow for Disney . But the rising cost of sports programming is taking its toll. This week, ESPN announced it’s laying off 300-400 employees. What do the cuts mean for Disney?”


So, what’s a cash cow? It is a business or a part of a business that always makes a lot of profit. In this case, the article explains that rising costs are making ESPN suffer & consequently they have to let some people go.



My grandpa used to say :” if you milk the cash cow too much, it runs dry!” It’s an old proverb that warns people not to take advantage of a good thing.


Do you have a similar expression in your native language?


If you do, post it!





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