Video Watch: An All-Nighter?


House of Lies is one of my favorite shows. It’s witty , funny and the cast is great.

I was watching this clip and found two expressions that are worth mentioning:

  1. to pull an all-nighter
  2. to narrow down

Let’s set it up before you watch the clip.

They are trying to find a person and one of the guys stayed up all night (i.e. without sleeping) to search for this person. He said “ I pulled an all-nighter” . So when you stay up all night to do something such as study, work, write or even party, you pull an all-nighter!

The same guy then says that while he was up all night, he narrowed down the list of jobs the mystery man in question could have had. To narrow down means to make smaller in amount or range. In this case, he started with a large number of possible jobs and he now has just a few. Narrow can also be an adjective that is the opposite of wide.

Watch it a few times…beeps are there because of cussing on their part.




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