From the heart…Festival della Cultura Olivettiana

Olivetti Typewriter

Olivetti Typewriter (Photo credit: plindberg)

I attended the last leg of the Festival della Cultura Olivettiana yesterday that took place at ISTAO Business School in Ancona. It was a two day conference filled with top-notch speakers and insightful presentations  in honor of Adriano Olivetti who was a forward thinker, entrepreneur and innovator in Italy. RAI will be broadcasting the story of his life in a made for tv film produced by Luca Barbareschi in the fall starring Luca Zingaretti.

The final talks were made by Gennaro Sangiuliano, deputy-director of Tg1 and Andrea Merloni, President of ISTAO. Giuliano Calza, general manager of ISTAO,  was hosting the event and Luca Barbareschi made a guest appearance.

All of this to say that  I was reading Seth Godin’s blogpost  this morning and it was perfectly in line with Andrea Merloni’s comments yesterday related to institutions, laws and policies not following the times. If in the past, the system worked, today it doesn’t because it has changed. Seth Godin says it simply: Tried and False!

A policy, approach or rule could have been effective before but once a change takes over, the laws, policies and approach need to follow the times to ensure success.

If you try something and get a failure message; challenge it, fix it and move forward.


p.s. The dinner to close the festival was a blast. If you manage to attend next year, you won’t be disappointed.


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