Clearly Confusing: A Blessing in the Skies?

English: Brooding skies Near Ruskie


On Friday during a Skype session, Mr A was telling me about how he met his wife 20 years ago  on the job. He confessed that he hated his job at the time but he was glad he had met the love of his life there.

He said: ‘Crissy, it was a blessing in the skies! Even though I didn’t like the work, she was always there to make me smile.’

On the one hand, the story was sweet, right? On the other,  the expression was dead wrong!

I must confess that he almost got away with it (i.e. to do something bad without any consequence) because it sounded very much like the correct expression ‘ a blessing in disguise’, which means something that at first appears to be bad or unlucky but is actually good.  

To disguise means to change the appearance of something so that it becomes unrecognizable.

Disguise and The skies sound very much the same. Mr A was just going by ear!

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