Reason for Reading: Post-Layoff Survival Guilt

English: Think positive

English: Think positive (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here I go again! I am letting my current work enviornment direct my blog inspirations.   In the past few weeks, I have been hearing a lot about layoffs, solidarity pacts and staff morale being low in many companies across Italy. This made me read up on layoffs and the environment that surrounds them.

I have chosen an article that I think can be useful for those who remain in the companies that are undergoing a restructuring due to redundancies. We instinctively speak about the people who are let go but rarely about the ones that stay.

I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for everyone concerned. My thoughts and positive vibes are with you. Here is the article called Dealing with Post-Layoff Survival Guilt .

Positive attitudes are key to getting through any difficult period,right?   My co-worker, AP, is the best and reminding me of this!

Vocabulary Boost:

  • to lay off: to stop employing (someone) because there is not enough work
  • to be let go: to stop working because there is not enough work
  • to get fired: to be dismissed from a job
  • you wonder why: you ask yourself
  • a sibling: a brother or sister
  • severance package: money or other benefits given when employment is terminated
  • akin: alike
  • to hang: to remain in the air
  • a dip in Productivity: a decline in the work one produces
  • the sour taste…in your mouth: an angry feeling that remains
  • Survivial of the Fittest: natural selection or the theory that those who are eliminated are the unfit.
  • to be a bit somber: to be a little sad and serious
  • to get rid of: to do something so that you no longer have or are affected or bothered by it
  • to be bogged down with: to be overwhelmed, the feeling when you ahve to many things to do
  • are bound to : inevitably
  • to foster: to help, grow or develop




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