Business Class: I would like you to learn something


I was teaching a business client today and 2 recurring mistakes came up.

  • I would like that they come to the meeting.
  • I want that she learns Chinese.

We looked at this verb pattern mistake and came to the conclusion that Mr.G made the mistake due to his native Language (i.e. Italian). He expressed that this was difficult to correct because no one stops him when he says it. Everyone seems to understand .

How do we correct this?

The verb pattern is the same for both verbs:

  • I would like + object pronoun + infinitive
  • I want + object pronoun + infinitive

Here are a few examples:

  • I would like them to come to the meeting.
  • I want her to learn Chinese
  • He would like you to apologize for your rude behaviour.
  • You want him to finish working at 5pm.
  • We would like them to join us for supper
  • She wants us to hire an extra person.

Did this help you? We sure want to find out .




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