Top Language: Any Mossies Flying Around?


Top Language



I got an e-mail yesterday from a co-worker who was telling me about the terrible weather  in her neck of the woods (i.e. in the area where she lives).


She is a lovely British lady. She speaks impeccable British English and she teaches me lots of colloquial expressions. Since I am Canadian, I am not always familiar with the terms she uses.


With this said, she used the expression ‘mossies’ in an e-mail. Here is what she wrote: ” The weather has been horrible. It feels like autumn. it is quite cold. The only positive side is that the mossies have not come out.”


Mossies = Mosquitos 


Let’s use this expression in context:


  • I can’t sleep at night with all the mossies buzzing over my head.
  • Put some anti-repellant on or you will get bitten by the mossies.
  • Stop scratching yourself! Your mossie bite can get infected.

What’s the weather like in your area? Have the mossies come out?



This is an Aedes albopictus female mosquito ob...



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