Business Class: It is a little too far-fetched!



I am watching Season 2 of MadMen and the expression ‘far-fetched’ was used.

In the advertising world , we find very innovative and creative people. The drawback of working with creatives is that they sometime come up with far-fetched ideas.


Far-fetched (adj) means not likely, difficult to believe, brought from far away.

Fetch as a verb means to bring or get within reach by going like a dog fetches a frisbee.

In Context:

  • His ideas are always too far-fetched.
  • Your excuses are far-fetched. I don’t believe you.
  • She told me she eared 2 million per year. I think that is a little far-fetched.


  • I think she is pushing the envelop.
  • It seems like she is stretching things a bit.

In Italian:

  • Improbabile, inverosimile, forzato, tirato per i capelli

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