Top Language: She is nocializing again!

Top Language


How often does it happen that you are at a party and your friends are not interacting with you but with their mobile devices instead?

This activity is called Nocializing.

Student texting during class

Student texting during class (Photo credit: Wikipedia)










Only spending time on a mobile device instead of with people around you when you are in a social setting.

In Context:

  • I went on a blind date and he was nocializing all through dinner.
  • Why did they invite me for drinks if they were planning to nocialize all evening.
  • My Dad hates Johanne. He thinks she is such a nocializer.

Conversation Builder:

  • What are your mobile habits?
  • Do you leave your mobile in your pocket or handbag when you eat out?
  • How many times do you check your phone a day?




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