Top Language: Beach Slang 1

Summer Beach

Summer Beach (Photo credit: libertygrace0)

I am at the beach and simply got inspired so here it goes..

In Context

Gero and Matt just won 3 games in a row at beach soccer. They are  amped.

  • excited and probably overdoing it. stems from the electrical unit

All the cool guys on the beach wear baggies.

  • over-sized boxer type swim trunks

I ate a maxi sundae with 6 different ice cream flavours. I am beached. 

  • very stuffed from over eating…like a beached whale

That is so bogus. I can’t believe she didn’t get plastic surgery!

  • false, ridiculous, unbelievable

it is overcast today. Bummer!

  • too bad, pity, it’s a drag


Summer Quote

Ah!, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it! –Russel Baker




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