Top Language: Beach Slang 2

summer love

summer love (Photo credit: [ Ben ])

Here are a few more cool expressions related to the beach, surfers and summer time!

Summer lovin’…rock on!


We got back to our hotel room and the a/c was not working.

  • air conditioning

We don’t have any air conditioning at the beach house but we do have a ceiling fan in the bedroom.

  • an electrical machine that has turning blades which makes the air move located on the inside top surface of a room

It has been so muggy this week. I feel all sticky!

  • unpleasantly warm and humid

I love orange flavored popsicles. I prefer them to ice cream when it is really hot.

  • flavored and colored water usually on a stick

There was a big thunderstorm last night. The temperature dropped a little after that.

  • an occurence of bad weather  where there is lots of rain and loud sounds coming from the sky.

Summer Quote

Every summer has a story. ♥ -Anonymous



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