Top Language: Do you feel like it?

Top Language


FEEL LIKE  is used in many different contexts. We will be looking at two of them today. It is quite useful to learn this expression because  it allows you to express a desire or wish and  also your perception of something or someone.


  • to have a desire to do or have something (i.e. aver voglia di)
  • to seem likely to do something (i.e. sembrare che)

In Context:

  • It is  boiling out there. I feel like having an ice cream cone. (desire)
  • Gertrude doesn’t feel like going to the movies tonight. (desire)
  • It feels like it is going to rain. (perception)
  • I feel like I am going to explode any minute. (perception)

n.b. verb pattern = feel like + gerund

Fluency Builder:

Find a Fluency Buddy and practice answering the following questions. If you don’t live with anyone who speaks English, call a friend, ask a colleague or contact us for a mini-phone lesson.

  1. What do you feel like eating when it is hot outside?
  2. Who do you feel like going on vacation with ?Where do you feel like going?
  3. Are you sociable ? How often do you feel like having friends over for dinner?
  4. In meetings, do you ever feel like you are not going in the right direction? What do you do when that happens?


p.s. I feel like having pistachio ice cream today!








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