Did you tell him to go pound sand?



I got an email today from my dear friend Jen. The subject line read ” I heard this in a call conference today!’.


She explained in her email that a gentlemen was a little peeved (i.e. angry) and used the expression ‘to go pound sand’.


It was funny because when asked about someone possibly wanting to change a process that had just been completed , he said, “You know what I have to say to that? He can go pound sand.”


What does ‘to go pound sand ‘ mean?


well, it certainly is not a positive expression.  It expresses disdain and is the equivalent to ‘ go and play in traffic’ . In the above example, he wanted to explain that it would not be done.


Let’s look at it in context:


  • My best friend told me to go pound sand when I asked to borrow his car for the 10th time that month.
  • Why don’t you go pound sand ,John.


In Italian, a good translation would be ‘ vai a quel paese’ or ‘levati di torno’ or ‘smettila di rompere’



Sand (Photo credit: BuhSnarf)


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