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Video Watch: Only the Young


I have always loved low-budget motion-pictures (i.e. movies) and this one is amazing.

The trailer is 2 minutes long . I selected a few expressions that could be interesting when speaking about people, relationships & love.

She is attractive.

  • attractive means pleasing or appealing to the senses.
  • the opposite of attractive is unattractive, ugly, repulsive
  • you can use it for people and things

I guess opposites attract

  • ‘I guess’ is used when you are not sure. It is like saying that you suppose or think something is like that
  • Opposites attract’ is a proverb that explains the phenomenon of dissimilar people having a liking or attraction for one another.

I have a crush on her.

  • ‘ To have a crush on someone’ means you like that person. You usually feel uneasy and try to get attention around that person. Sometimes, it’s hard to stop thinking about them.
  • Crush is a verb that means that you press on something so hard that is breaks or loses its’ shape. I guess that in the definition above, we are talking about a person’s heart.
  • In Italian, we’d say’ avere una cotta per’

I could have added so many more sentencess. I choose to limit the expressions that I post because learning deeply is the best way to remember things. If I post 10 expressions, you may not remember any. If I post three, I hope you read this post over again 3 times and remember all three expressions forever.

Watch the video…pick a line you like and repeat it. Don’t think about grammar. You need to articulate to communicate!

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Grammar Alert…8 Basic Verb Tenses


What does the world need more of?





A bunch of people answer the question, ‘what does the world need more  of?’


The most difficult expression used in this video seems to be  ‘a lily pad’ which is the leaf that frogs jump on when they are in water. He says that they are like pool rafts for frogs.


American Coot chicks near Klamath Falls, Orego...

American Coot chicks near Klamath Falls, Oregon, USA. They are sitting on a lily pad waiting for their mother to return with food. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)











I can’t make up my mind (i.e. I don’t know what to decide). All of their answers are great including the lily pad answer.


Watch the video and let us know what your answer is.


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Hold tight and don’t let go!

Hold tight


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Is Speaking English One of Your Top Objectives?

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Bono & Mind Blowing Good News


I was catching up on my Ted Talks after the summer break. I came across this one that has Bono presenting current figures related to Poverty

If I were a learner, I would do the following:

  • watch it once without subtitles
  • watch it a second time with subtitles
  • listen carefully to the language for presenting figures especially the prepositions involved
  • jot down 5 interesting expressions
  • use those 5 interesting expressions during the week
  • ask your trainer to use this video in a lesson and practice summarizing the core message

FYI…here are some expressions I personally found interesting:

  • Give it up for that! (i.e.applaud)
  • It can’t be true, can it? (example of a tag question)
  • A tenfold increase (i.e. multiplied by10)
  • How about that? (i.e. what do you think? Great, right?)
  • TED is on it! (i.e. TED follows it closely)
  • Countless lives (i.e. too many to be counted, very many)
  • Dare I say…(i.e. he believes it is true…English for ‘oso dire’)

As a human being, I totally loved his conclusion. It was so inspirational. I hope we can be that great generation that makes the difference.

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Cooking Counts…Minestrone Faita-Style

acquacotta bean and minestrone soup

It is getting cooler and I am starting to feel like making soup again. How about you? Here is one of my old family favorites. You will review the names of 12 vegetables that are commonly used in cooking & I have also added a cooking vocabulary section that contains 7 cooking verbs. Read the recipe with your favorite trainer to review language and share your favorite recipes or book a 30-minute lesson with us to review cooking terms at .


5 tbsp olive oil
1 small onion, diced
150g leek, sliced
125g smoked pancetta, diced
2 carrots, diced
1 stalk celery, diced
2 zucchinis, diced
2 potatoes, diced
2 tomatoes, seeds removed & diced
150g cannellini or borlotti beans, canned if out of  season
150g pumpkin, diced
150g peas, frozen
150g cabbage, sliced
3 tbsp parsley, chopped
2 tbsp basil, chopped
40g dried porcini, soaked and chopped
2 parmesan crusts
parmesan, grated (optional)
salt & pepper


  • heat olive oil in a big pot
  • add the pancetta onion , leek, carrots and celery
  • sauté until pancetta has browned
  • add the rest of the garden vegetables
  • sauté for a few minutes
  • add the basil, parsley and porcini to the mix
  • cover with water
  • season with salt and pepper
  • Cook for approximately 30 minutes
  • Add parmesan crusts
  • Let simmer for another 40 minutes
  • Serve with grated parmesan and drizzle olive oil  to taste


–       I use a pressure cooker because it is so much faster. If you do the same, then add the parmesan crusts with the porcini. Fill the pot with water but barely cover the veggies. Cook for 20 minutes after it starts whistling.

–       I normally serve my minestrone with  a grilled slice of old country bread. My son loves dipping day old baguette in his .

–       You can use  other veggies if the ones in this recipe are not to your liking. Cauliflower, spinach, fennel, swiss chard, sweet potato, celery root…it is all good.

–       Garden veggies are at their best in the summer months. They are cheaper and there is lots of variety. Trouble is my kids don’t like hot minestrone when it is scorching hot outside. When summer time comes around, I like serving minestrone at room temperature .

–       If your kids don’t like seeing chunky veggies, pop it in the blender and serve with crackers, soup noodles or rice, parmesan and olive oil…that normally does the trick. We should try to get our kids used to the taste of veggies at a very young age. A little sneaky creativity is allowed!

–       A table spoon of pesto at the very end can also liven up your minestrone if you don’t have a  12-veggie mix of ingredients.

–       Make a double batch and freeze the rest. We are hearty eaters in our family so I freeze 250g single portions. They are easier to thaw out.

–       If you are a vegetarian, just omit the pancetta. You may want to add another mushroom variety to give added flavor. a

Cooking Vocabulary

Heat: cause to become hot
Sauté:  fry in a small amount of fat
Simmer: boil at low heat
Chop: to cut into pieces by hitting it with a knife
Dice: to cut into little cubes
Slice: to cut something into thin pieces
Brown: to make brown by cooking especially for meat

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Negotiation Solidarity

I was teaching a class today and we were reviewing key negotiation phrases.

I had set up a video break for the learners to relax a little & I showed this funny clip that was in line with the topic!

Three expressions came up that we all thought were interesting.

  • I am really working you over to make this deal. ( beat someone into submission…in this case verbally)
  • I got your back. (i.e. I will support you or cover for you)
  • He’s tough. (i.e. difficult, strong…requiring exceptional strength to beat)

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