Bono & Mind Blowing Good News


I was catching up on my Ted Talks after the summer break. I came across this one that has Bono presenting current figures related to Poverty

If I were a learner, I would do the following:

  • watch it once without subtitles
  • watch it a second time with subtitles
  • listen carefully to the language for presenting figures especially the prepositions involved
  • jot down 5 interesting expressions
  • use those 5 interesting expressions during the week
  • ask your trainer to use this video in a lesson and practice summarizing the core message

FYI…here are some expressions I personally found interesting:

  • Give it up for that! (i.e.applaud)
  • It can’t be true, can it? (example of a tag question)
  • A tenfold increase (i.e. multiplied by10)
  • How about that? (i.e. what do you think? Great, right?)
  • TED is on it! (i.e. TED follows it closely)
  • Countless lives (i.e. too many to be counted, very many)
  • Dare I say…(i.e. he believes it is true…English for ‘oso dire’)

As a human being, I totally loved his conclusion. It was so inspirational. I hope we can be that great generation that makes the difference.

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