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Sending out a special request!

EASI is looking for 6 ESL trainers for 2014.

The bulk of our work is via phone or skype so candidates from other countries are welcome!

If you know of anyone who is fun-loving, on-the-ball, dynamic, organized, of native proficiency and experienced in teaching English, please skype us at crisitna.faita or send us a cv at

Thanks so much



Are you an idler?


This is a funny commercial that promotes Anti-Idling Awareness.

To idle is the action of leaving the car engine running (instead of turning it off when you step out of the car).

Her friend says ” Let’s hope you make it past the drive way this time”.

I love the expression ‘to make it’. We use it when we want to show that we can manage to do something.

  • I can make it to the meeting. (i.e.I am free and will attend)
  • I made it to the movies on time. (i.e. i reached the theatre before the movie started)
  • I didn’t make it because there was too much traffic. (i.e. I was not able to reach the place due to traffic)

The Italian translation is ‘ farcela’! and not ‘fare qualcosa’ which can be interpreted as ‘to do something’.

So, do you idle? If you do, think about all the CO2 emissions you can reduce if you just turn off the engine not to mention all the money you’ll save!




I will be pushing up the daisies!

I’ll be pushing up the daisies by the time he gives me a raise.

Pushing Up The Daisies

Pushing Up The Daisies (Photo credit: sharkbait)

That is what one of my friends told me this week. She was complaining about her working situation. She has been asking for a raise (i.e.increase in salary) for the past year but her boss refuses to give her one.  She feels she deserves it because she has done an outstanding job on a long standing project. He agrees but insists on respecting the salary freeze that has been in effect for the longest time.



She used the expression ‘Pushing up the daisies’. It is a very descriptive idiom that means when I am dead & buried.(i.e.placed under the ground) In other words, It will never happen. It is usually conjugated in the future continuous. It is a euphemism that is used to avoid saying something unpleasant.



It comes from the  position of a daisy before it is picked. Like most flowers, a daisy grows in the ground. When we die, we normally go underground if we have a burial.(i.e.the act of buying) This means we will be able to push up the daisies.



We use it when someone passes away. We use it when a situation is not moving and we don’t think it will ever change. We use it when we have been waiting a long time for something to happen.


In Context

  • I will be pushing up the daisies by the time this issue is solved.
  • Poor John is pushing up the daisies.
  • We will be pushing up the daisies before the economy picks up.


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Coming out today?


The Human Rights campaign made a video for the 25th anniversary of National Coming Out Day.

They used ‘Coming Out Still Matters’ to show how important and how difficult it could still be for someone to share with the world who they really are.

They did a great job with the video. Lots of written text makes it easy to understand. Interviews are simple and clear.

What can we learn from this?

  • ‘It was a very calculated decision that pedro made’ means that he reflected carefully. He knew that it would be a strategic decision.
  • How you doin’?‘ is a colloquial way of asking ‘how are you?’. The verb to be, ‘are’, is omitted in this case.
  • ‘I am over the top!‘ means that she exceeds normal limits.
  • ‘I gotta live life for myself.’ is slang for ‘got to’ or ‘have to’ so it is an obligation that he has set for himself.
  • ‘ I just happen to be a lesbian as well’ means that by chance this is how she was born. It was unpredictable.
  • ‘Will you love me , period?” means that he wants the other person’s love irrevocably. He does not want anything to change.

Happy Coming Out Day to everyone who will be taking that step towards acceptance.

Visit our Facebook page dedicated to diversity. It is called Respect The Challenge.

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Clearly Confusing: What’s the right answer?



I was teaching the other day and my learner was telling me that his brother won an ipad on the net.


Which of these should he have said?

A. I am so exciting for him.

B. I am so excited for him.


Many language learners consider these two adjectives clearly confusing.

Let’s see if we can change that confusion into clarity, ok?


Well, we can start by saying that they are both adjectives.

Exciting refers to something that causes feelings of interest and enthusiasm.

Excited refers to someone who is enthusiastic and eager about something.


What is the right answer then? It is B.

He was so excited for his brother but  winning an ipad was very exciting.


The same confusion can come up with bored & boring.

  • I am bored. I hate this class.
  • The class is boring. The teacher is not stimulating.


Got it? If you did, then that makes me happy.








Video Watch: Water Campaign

Great video with subtitles…good reading practice and great for the soul.

The little kid talking his shower made me smile. How about you?


Crissy’s Banana Cake Recipe



I thought I would share one of my favorite family recipes with you. My boys love it as an after school snack and I hope you do too!

Let’s look at some of the expressions from the recipe:

  • When butter is softened, you have left it out of the fridge for at least 1 hour.
  • When a banana is ripe , it is not green but yellow.
  • If I mash something, I press down on it with a fork
  • When I heat something, I increase the temperature of that thing. If I pre-heat an over, I turn it on and heat it to a certain degree before using it.
  • When something is smooth, it does not have bits of pieces  or lumps in it
  • When something is fluffy, I have make it airy, light and soft
  • if I pour batter into a pan, this means that I am moving the liquid into another container
  • Batter is a thick liquid mixture that is made when baking.

Let me know if you make the cake! It would make me happy to get your feedback on the recipe.