Clearly Confusing: What’s the right answer?



I was teaching the other day and my learner was telling me that his brother won an ipad on the net.


Which of these should he have said?

A. I am so exciting for him.

B. I am so excited for him.


Many language learners consider these two adjectives clearly confusing.

Let’s see if we can change that confusion into clarity, ok?


Well, we can start by saying that they are both adjectives.

Exciting refers to something that causes feelings of interest and enthusiasm.

Excited refers to someone who is enthusiastic and eager about something.


What is the right answer then? It is B.

He was so excited for his brother but  winning an ipad was very exciting.


The same confusion can come up with bored & boring.

  • I am bored. I hate this class.
  • The class is boring. The teacher is not stimulating.


Got it? If you did, then that makes me happy.









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