Coming out today?


The Human Rights campaign made a video for the 25th anniversary of National Coming Out Day.

They used ‘Coming Out Still Matters’ to show how important and how difficult it could still be for someone to share with the world who they really are.

They did a great job with the video. Lots of written text makes it easy to understand. Interviews are simple and clear.

What can we learn from this?

  • ‘It was a very calculated decision that pedro made’ means that he reflected carefully. He knew that it would be a strategic decision.
  • How you doin’?‘ is a colloquial way of asking ‘how are you?’. The verb to be, ‘are’, is omitted in this case.
  • ‘I am over the top!‘ means that she exceeds normal limits.
  • ‘I gotta live life for myself.’ is slang for ‘got to’ or ‘have to’ so it is an obligation that he has set for himself.
  • ‘ I just happen to be a lesbian as well’ means that by chance this is how she was born. It was unpredictable.
  • ‘Will you love me , period?” means that he wants the other person’s love irrevocably. He does not want anything to change.

Happy Coming Out Day to everyone who will be taking that step towards acceptance.

Visit our Facebook page dedicated to diversity. It is called Respect The Challenge.

You can share this with others if you liked it.





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