Are you an idler?


This is a funny commercial that promotes Anti-Idling Awareness.

To idle is the action of leaving the car engine running (instead of turning it off when you step out of the car).

Her friend says ” Let’s hope you make it past the drive way this time”.

I love the expression ‘to make it’. We use it when we want to show that we can manage to do something.

  • I can make it to the meeting. (i.e.I am free and will attend)
  • I made it to the movies on time. (i.e. i reached the theatre before the movie started)
  • I didn’t make it because there was too much traffic. (i.e. I was not able to reach the place due to traffic)

The Italian translation is ‘ farcela’! and not ‘fare qualcosa’ which can be interpreted as ‘to do something’.

So, do you idle? If you do, think about all the CO2 emissions you can reduce if you just turn off the engine not to mention all the money you’ll save!




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