Are they mere table stakes?


Lovemarks (Photo credit: Bart Claeys)


This is another expression I came across last week at the WOBI. Kevin Roberts from Saatchi & Saatchi used it when speaking of Lovemarks(+/+).

Where does ‘table stakes’ come from?

Well, it is a gambling term, referring to how much a person can bet in a round of poker.

How do we use it in business?

In business, it  usually refers to a minimum level of investment, technology, or some other essential ingredient to make something become successful. It is the minimum requirement to have a credible competitive starting position in any business venture.

How would you translate it in italian?

In poker, I would say ‘scommessa mnima’. In business, it is definitely ‘fattore indispensabile’.

How do we use it in context?

  • Giving great value is table stakes for any lovemark.
  • Social business strategies are becoming table stakes today.

What’s a lovemark?

No better place to learn …visit the website

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