Introductions Don Jon Style

I watched Don Jon over the holidays.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a guy from Jersey who is addicted to porn and discovers true love in the most unexpected person. I was expecting it to be more commercial but I found it edgy and real. I could have done without the boob comment at the end of this scene where he brings his girlfriend, played by Scarlett Johansson, home for the first time but I guess it is part of what a father & son relationship can be like.

I picked this clip because it is a classic introduction dialogue. Enjoy!

What are they saying in the clip?

Son: Dad, I’d like you to meet Barbara. Barbara, This is my Dad.
Girlfriend: Hi, Mr. Martello.
Dad: Good to meet you…jeez…
Mom: John!!!!
Dad: I wasn’t expecting such a lovely lady. That’s all.
Girlfriend: Thank you. So nice to finally meet you both.
Dad: My pleasure. My pleasure.
Mom: Well, please sit down and I will be right back.
Girlfriend: Can I help you with anything at all?
Mom: Oh! Oh! Oh! I love her already.

You can share this post if the clip made you smile & like it if you’ve lived this situation before.



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