Dr. Phil’s Check-ups by Smartphone?



The renowned Dr Phil and the recent evolution in medical practice with telemedicine apps got me totally excited.

This article made me think a lot… especially because here in Milan, my general practitioner is so fully booked and always runs late for appointments. Even if you show up at the time of your appointment, you get to wait at least an hour…urrrgh! However, the waiting room  is always full of elderly people… not exactly Dr Phil’s target group for the online check ups. This setup could also reduce the risk of getting infected by other patients with the bug flu, fever and coughs! I must say that it is brilliant.

Click Here for the original article.

What can we learn from this article?

  •  renowned: famous and having a good reputation
  • unveiled:  to make something (secret or concealed) known or public, to divulge or reveal
  • in the flesh: in person, actually  present
  • ambulatory care: care given at a hospital to non-resident patients, including minor surgery and outpatient treatment
  • vast: unusually large in size, extent, degree or number, immense
  • amenable to: able to be affected by /susceptible or responsive to
  • life threatening: to be a threat (imminent danger) to life
  • to prescribe medication: to recommend or order the use of  a drug or other remedy
  • to train people: to guide or teach to do something
  • to cover: to include or deal with
  • malpractice: immoral, illegal or unethical professional conduct or neglect of professional duty.

Can you answer the following questions?

  • Do you think your family doctor uses Skype?
  • Would you contact your physician by video chat?
  • Would you pay  $40 for a medical appointment on the net?

What member of the team wrote this blog post?

Sigrid wrote this post. She is our resident expert in Legal English.




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