Darling, I am here for you.

In 2014, I’ve decided to write about the people that inspire me. I wrote about the Dalai Lama last week.

Thich Nhat Hanh is next.

His best selling book ‘Living Buddha Living Christ‘ is a must read. He is a peace activist, buddhist monk and renowned author.  In this interview, Oprah asks him questions about his Childhood, Vietnam, Martin Luther King, Terrorism, Conflict & Mindfulness. He shares the 4 little mantras that can make us a little happier. They seem so simple. Why are they so tough to put into practice? Have you got the answer? I hope you become more mindfully present after watching this video clip.

Read the 10 questions below. Watch the clip & try to find the answers to the questions.

  1. How old is he in this video?
  2. How many books has he written?
  3. Where does he live today?
  4. How does he respond to stressful events?
  5. Why were his parents reluctant about him becoming a monk?
  6. How does he define the Beginner’s Mind?
  7. Why couldn’t he go back to his country?
  8. How do you perform Deep Listening?
  9. Is there ever a place for anger?
  10. What are the 4 little mantras that can make us happy?

How do you check your answer?

  • Share this video with a friend and try answering them together.
  • Set this as a homework activity for English class.
  • Post your answers here & we can correct them together.

Can you ask these questions to someone you know? Interview that person & then get interviewed in return.

  1. Did you know Thich Nhat Hanh before today?
  2. How did the interview make you feel?
  3. What did you like most about what he said?
  4. Did you dislike anything about the interview?
  5. Would it be difficult for you to follow the 4 simple Mantras? Why?

You can like & share this post with a friend if you found it useful.


p.s. this post was a mix between English & Mindfulness training. I thought I’d try a double whammy!



4 thoughts on “Darling, I am here for you.

  1. Thank you smile calm! I have been teaching English for 15 years now but mindfulness is new to me. Mixing up the two seemed like a good fit. I hope my followers like it.

    • there are wonderfully useful mindfulness resources for teachers. some are mentioned on my “teaching teachers mindfulness” post. wishing you gentle success 🙂

  2. Two others that seem to be missing from a lot of the good for you recdipes is:
    ease and selection: bth of which are offered up iin
    the Hungry Girl coo books. >>>>>>If you agree, pass this on.

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