Can we say ‘I knew her yesterday.’?

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Come Here…Lover Boy!


Big Love, a little music and some Dirty Dancing.

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Learn English with Us…Chi Ti Ricorda?


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Do you know why we can’t say ‘I speak very well English’?

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Are you a people developer?


You may be a junior or senior manager…no matter! If you have people under you, then you have the responsibility to develop your resources. Tom Peters says “That is your life, That is your legacy”. What do you think?

What 6 expressions did I pick up from this video?

  • A while back… some time ago…
  • My view of the world is…my outlook on this topic is…
  • The point of this is….the objective is…
  • And so on down the line….and continuing in that manner…
  • I have tidied it up a bit since… I have made the process clearer
  • Here is exactly the way it goes…Let me tell you what you need to do…

Can you answer Tom’s 6 key questions in writing and share them with your trainer?

  1. Name the 1 person whose growth you have most contributed to over the past 3 years?
  2. Explain where they were in their career, where they are today and where they will be in the near future?
  3. Do you have a precise development strategy for that person?Explain it.
  4. What has been your biggest development disappointment of the last 12 months? Looking back, could you have done anything differently?
  5. What have been your greatest development triumph & disaster over the last 10 years?
  6. What have you learnt about people development over the last 10 years?


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Encouragement Does More Than Correction




As a parent, I am often faced with my boys who might not listen or situations in which they can act inappropriately . So, it got me thinking about whether always correcting them was better than just letting certain things go. Could simply encouraging them to do better next time be more productive  than always  highlighting the mistake? Does this hold true in an office setting as well?

What is the definition of encouragement?

Something that makes someone more determined, hopeful, or confident

How do you pronounce it?

en·cour·age·ment /ɪnˈkɚrɪʤmənt/

Can you answer the following questions in conversation with your trainer or a friend ?

  • What do you do to encourage yourself when going through hard times? Does it work?
  • Who do you talk to for encouragement and inspiration?
  • Which of your family members encourage you most? How?
  • What are some saying in your country that bring encouragement?
  • What’s the most encouraging book you’ve ever read?
  • Which is better a word of encouragement or a letter of encouragement? Why?
  • Should people just accept whatever comes there way?
  • What are some ways you feel you can make a difference in this world.
  • What song encourages you most?
  • What person has inspired you the most? How?
  • How can you make yourself believe more in yourself?

Can you write out the answer to the first and last question?

It might be difficult to give this answer. Think about it for a while. Write as many possible options as possible & remember them when you need a little pat on the back!


p.s. This post was written by Crissy F…proud mom of 2 little rascals!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Listening to an English Audio clip or watching a short video can help you improve your English skills in more ways than you can imagine:

It can help you to:

  • Enhance you listening skills                                   
  • Develop your comprehension skills
  • Discover new and interesting vocabulary         
  • Learn new phrases in a fun, interesting format

I am going to share with you an audio clip from a book I love that can make your English learning experience a little more fun.

This audio book clip is going to be from one of my favourite childhood authors Roald Dahl. Click on the link below to listen to a few minutes of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”

Listen out for the following interesting words and phrases:

  • hero : a person who is admired for great acts                 
  • tremendous : very large or great                                               
  • mouth-watering: that makes you salivate                                                   
  • scented : with a pleasing smell                                                          
  • grandchild -extraordinary: exceptional grandchild                                                 
  • streaming : flowing                                                  
  • deserted: to leave or stop helping or supporting

Listen again & answer the questions below?

1. Who is Charlie Bucket?

2. What did Charlie want more than anything in the world?

3. Why did the factory owed make the factory workers go home?

Can you answer the following questions with a friend or your teacher?

  • Have you ever visited a chocolate factory ? What was it like?
  • Do you like chocolate? What’s your favorite kind of chocolate?
  • Where do you normally buy your chocolate?

This post was created by Anna L. whose mp3 English audio collection is unbeatable.


Answers: 1. The hero of this story 2.Chocolate 3.Becaues there were spies 4.

I Hope My Son Is Happy

My son, Giako, came home this week singing “Because I’m happy, clap la-la-la-la….” .

He explained that his second grade class was learning the hook (i.e. chorus) to Pharrel William’s song this week.

I bumped into his English teacher, Matilde, on thursday and we agreed that I would create this video clip for the class to help them memorize the song.

Try singing along with your kids.

I hope it makes you Happy:-)