If you could help change the world, would you?

This is your assignment. What’s your idea?

If nothing comes to mind just yet, you can start by paying it forward: three big favours for three people, expecting nothing in return, but for them to do the same for 3 other people.

What useful vocabulary can we learn from this video?

  • to expect: to think that something will probably happen or to consider something to be reasonable or required
  • disappointment: unhappiness because something wasn’t as good as expected, or because something you hoped for didn’t happen
  • to flip (something) upside down: to rotate something or change something
  • assignment: a specified task or amount of work given to someone
  • a big chance: a great opportunity
  • to fix: to make something able to work properly again, to repair
  • realm: an area of activity, interest, or knowledge

Can you answer the following questions?

  • Have you ever helped someone you didn’t know?
  • Has a stranger ever helped you without expecting anything in return?
  • Do you see any positive changes in the world around you?
  • Do you believe you can make a difference?

Tell LEM and inspire others!

LEM… xo

ps. This post was created  by Ines… who sees open source as a most definite sign for hope!

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